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International Competition Series (IARS) with the collaboration of Havasszépe SE

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Our training is based on the Canadian method

We created the system of our Skate School on the Canadian training method and 25 years in figure skating coaching. 5 years of experience proved that this method helps the rapid progress of both children and adults; it gives support for the aligned work in the groups of different technical levels, the skaters can pass on according to their ability, and last but not least new skaters can get into the system without any difficulty at any time.

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Recreational Figure Skating and Ice Theatre

Recreational figure skating is very useful for good health and doing exercises. It can be started or finished at any age depending on physical and mental conditions. It also means that there are always possibilities for takingpart in competitions.

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Summer Camps

Our club organizes a 10-day-long summer camp in Miskolc every year. These camps are usually held in August.

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Organizing competitions

Organizing competition is a very important role of our club because we think we have to give possibilities for our skaters to display their knowledge.  We regularly take part in ISU and recreational competitions in our country and abroad. Moreover Havasszépe SE és Jégszínház also organizes its own competitions: the ‘Kelet- Magyarország’ Cup and the ‘Avas’ Cup which are very well known competitions.

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Other programs

Traditionally the Havasszépe SE és Jégszínház organizes two skate programs every year which are neither competitions nor ice theatrical shows. These programs are attractive for children so they are perfect to endear skating.

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