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International Competition Series (IARS) with the collaboration of Havasszépe SE

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The Walley Cup international tournament series - alternately in Kraków and Warsaw - is a yearly event that is a great time for amateur and semi-professional riders to show their skills and gain experience in international evironment.

This year, the Walley Cup Kraków 2018 was held on April 14, 2018, where our association was for the 3rd time. This year the competitors arrived from Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.

Our results (where possible with video):

  • HOFFMANN Jennyfer: 1st place Category Bronze, 2nd place Interpretativ Category A: video
  • LÖVEY Laura: 3rd place Category Bronze: video, 5th place Interpretativ Category Show Duo (with Réka Takács): video
  • TAKÁCS Réka: 5th place Category Bronze, 5th place Interpretativ Category Show Duo (with Laura Lövey): video
  • FEDOR Anna: 3rd place Category Silver, 4th place Interpretativ Category A, 1st place Interpretativ Category Show Duo (with Kinga Szávai): video
  • SZÁVAI Kinga: 5th place Category Gold, 1st place Interpretativ Category Show Duo (with Anna Fedor): video
  • SZÁVAI Luca: 7th place Category Gold
  • BIKFALVI Tünde: 1st place Interpretativ Category B: video

You can see the full entry field and detailed score table: here!

Our skaters have been well placed this year, so we congratulate all of them for their achievements!


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