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International Competition Series (IARS) with the collaboration of Havasszépe SE

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Our coach, Tünde Bikfalvi, took a part for the first time in the internatioal ISU Adult Competition in Oberstdorf (Germany), and she has just returned as a gold medalist ...

Bikfalvi Tünde, Oberstdorf 2017.Tünde has more than 40 years of training and coaching experience, she is one of the most prestigious professional coach in our team.

This year she decided, - for the first time in the international ISU adult category - to compete in one of the most prestigious international competitions, in Oberstdorf, in the category: Adult Bronze IV Artistic. The competition was held between 22-27 of May, 2017. There were 36 countries of the World represented, including the United States, Australia, Canada, Thailand or the United Arab Emirates. From 15 starters, she was rewarded to the first place.

You can find the full result list here.

Congratulations for your achievement and wish you further success!

Check out the video of the winning artistic freestyle here:

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