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International Competition Series (IARS) with the collaboration of Havasszépe SE

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In Miskolc a brand new theatrical genre waited for the audience who likes tales, theatres and the world of figure skating: the classical story of Snow-white and the seven dwarfs was animated on ice – on this picture the Prince is sliding to the lady of his heart…

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Although the chilly conditions, friendship and love had the hearts warmed… The tale could be seen on the ‘slippery stage’. The story of the Grimm brothers continued after the happy ending: the Christmas adventures of  Snow-white were animated.

28 children figure skaters and 2 adultsperformed the ice-variety show with classical and Christmas music, all of them are members of Havasszépe SE és Jégszínház.

Santa Claus also visited the show, which was vivid with pyrotechnical and illuminating elements, because that time of the year every child waited for him. For thefirst time the audience could see the performance on 5-6 December, 2009at 4pm in the Ice Rink, Miskolc.


1. Snow-white

Czinke Viktória

2. Prince

Gombos Árpád

3. Witch

Gombos Viktória

4. Gale

Varga Ágota / Lenkey Dorottya

5. Sun-fairy

Daher Paula / Mikita Dorka

6. Snowflake 1.

Hodosi Kitti

7. Snowflake 2.

Matiscsák Melitta

8. Snowflake 3.

Mikita Dorka / Daher Paula

9. Snowflake 4.

Papp Laura

10. Happy

Varga Ágota

11. Doc

Tóth Laura

12. Grumpy

Matiscsák Vivien

13. Bashful

Rácz Flóra

14. Sleepy

Szabó Stella Zoé

15. Sneezy

Dávid Kamilla Luca

16. Dopey

Szoboszlai Melinda

17. Deer 1.

Farkas Alexandra

18. Deer 2.

Vasvári Zsófia

19. Deer 3.

Orosz Rebeka

20. Rabbit 1.

Váczy Lili

21. Rabbit 2.

Leskó Eszter

22. Squirrel 1.

Monoki Zsófia

23. Squirrel 2.

Krausz Réka

24. Squirrel 3.

Ősz Kamilla Anna

25. Bird 1.

Majoros Gréta

26. Bird 2.

Szarka Ivett

27. Bird 3.

Rittenbacher Jázmin

28. Bird 4.

Simon Szonja Szolanzs

29. Racoon

Szoboszlai Tamás

30. Hunter

Lenkey Zsolt

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