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International Competition Series (IARS) with the collaboration of Havasszépe SE

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Organizing competition is a very important role of our club because we think we have to give possibilities for our skaters to display their knowledge.  We regularly take part in ISU and recreational competitions in our country and abroad. Moreover Havasszépe SE és Jégszínház also organizes its own competitions: the ‘Kelet- Magyarország’ Cup and the ‘Avas’ Cup which are very well known competitions.

Some important facts about the requirements:

The main features of ISU competitionsare the high requirements in every category. The age is also important for the categories and the minimum of the requirement is determined.

In music vocal is not accepted. Objects aren’t allowed and the technical knowledge is the most important in scoring.

Competitions organised by clubsare acted on the international or national regulations but can differ a little.

The main features of recreational competitionsare the varieties of categories. In every age group there are more technical levels (bronze, silver, gold), and the top of the requirements are determined. In music the vocal is also accepted. Objects are allowed if necessary for the performance and not dangerous for the ice or the skater; and costume is also allowed. The technical score and the presentation score are equally important.

Regulations of the interpretative skatingare very close to the recreational categories but static objects can also be used on ice. In scoring the presentation is more important than the technical knowledge.

Some countries (e.g. Italy) organizeinterpretative group skatingcompetitions. They determine the minimum numbers of the members of the groups, the duration, and the maximum place of objects on ice. In scoring the whole performance, the expressiveness, the dynamics and the synchrony are the most important elements.


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