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International Competition Series (IARS) with the collaboration of Havasszépe SE

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We created the system of our Skate School on the Canadian training method and 25 years in figure skating coaching. 5 years of experience proved that this method helps the rapid progress of both children and adults; it gives support for the aligned work in the groups of different technical levels, the skaters can pass on according to their ability, and last but not least new skaters can get into the system without any difficulty at any time.

Our coaches help to make individual plans for the training if it is needed.

The main features of our system:

  • A skater can enter to our system at any time and he or she gets to a technical group according to his or her ability.
  • If the skater stands all demands in her technical group, she can show her knowledge, get a certificate and goes to the next level.
  • On every level skaters have to take part in ballet training and off ice training.
  • Skaters can go to intensive summer camp organized by our skating club.

Technical levels, meaning of the training:

– There are three main levels but altogether we can talk about six from the starter level through the advanced level, the recreational, the interpretative (from basic level to the competition level) group or any levels of the figure skating.

– Meaning of the training contains the safe learning from the starter level, all parts of the figure skating elements and the ice dance elements.

The aims of training:

  • Acquiring the knowledge of safe skating.
  • Endearing this sport which can be done for a long time, gives happiness, challenges, and quicken all parts of the body
  • Giving possibilities for our members to display their knowledge
    • Individual productions and ice theatrical shows
    • Competitions home and in foreign countries


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