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International Competition Series (IARS) with the collaboration of Havasszépe SE

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Traditionally the Havasszépe SE és Jégszínház organizes two skate programs every year which are neither competitions nor ice theatrical shows. These programs are attractive for children so they are perfect to endear skating.

On 6, December we organize an open program, the ‘Santa Claus on Ice’. Everybody (children or adults) can come to our training that time without any tickets, and Santa Claus also visits us. He gives presents to those children who show some skating for him. Children can enjoy good music and they race on ice. In the end of the program everybody goes home happily with some Christmas fondants.

In every February we organize the ‘Carnival on Ice’. (picture gallery ») If children come in costumes, they can enter for free. This program usually starts with presentations and races. The high light of the performance is the costume competition and the best child and adult get presents. The closing event is always the tombola.


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